Collapsing the Shadow and a Theory for Why We Shouldn’t.

Musing and staring into space / Monday, June 5th, 2017

I’ve recently been working on parts of my character that I didn’t like. Jung would call this our shadow side: the side of us that is hidden or negative; this is our dark side, the side that we would prefer did not exist and for most of the time, we are unconscious to it.

It’s been a really interesting journey. I’ve examined the possibility of certain people being in my life for a reason, (particularly if I don’t like the fact that they are there) accepted that I’ve been wrong when I was sure I was right, and stopped blaming others for my short-comings… Mostly.

True, I feel lighter, I like myself more and believe it or not, I like other people more, as I realise that they fight the same internal battles as I do.  The human psyche is a wonderful and complex thing and as we analyse and solve one riddle, another is sure to follow.

I also feel this process could take a while.

So today, having read a few books on this subject, I am writing to you as no expert. But my opinion at this moment is this: that without our shadow, we can not define our light.

Just like people, the greatest works of art are worked in light and shadow and they are perfect, just the way they are. Maybe we’re too hard on ourselves. We are dark and light and everything in between and whilst it’s healthy to have a preliminary sketch of ourselves, I’ve always felt grey to be over-rated.

Much love.