Hello there, I’m Steph and I dabble with various forms of art, working under the name of Theia Galleries.

According to the Ancient Greeks, Theia was worshipped as the Goddess of sight, of divine inspiration and of clear blue skies. In marrying Hyperion, she became ‘the Goddess from which all light proceeded’. And for those of you familiar with the Giant Impact Hypothesis, there exists a theory that our Moon was born from a cataclysmic impact between Earth and its sister planet Theia. From the simple building blocks of life, something far more inspiring and unique was created.

We are all creators in our own right: our art, our language, our dreams, ideas and inventions are born and brought forward. My relationship with Theia is one filled with love, light, intention, empowerment and creative energy and for me there are many parallels when I’m working. I’m inspired by nature’s light & dark and all complexities in between, by its destruction & reinvention and our intrinsic connection to it. I’m also inspired by other creative people and the invention and re-invention of ideas: there’s always room to improve every area of life.

More recently, I moved to Switzerland and started writing. I hope to begin sharing some of my experiences with you in my blog.

Art has taught me to appreciate every point of view and Theia has taught me to see the light in everyone (and like art, this is a work in progress!). You may see something in these pages that resonates with you, please feel free to contact me if you do.

Thanks for visiting