The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Sleeping Artist

Action! / Sunday, March 12th, 2017

Having rejigged my website a bit and realised I need better shots of all of my artwork, I took a moment this morning to step outside and inhale my first fly of the year. I live in the countryside, near a lot of water and it’s at this time that the forests start to wake up with a low primal hum of insect life. Pretty soon there will be a deluge of buzzing beasties that will send us running, but for now, it’s safe to sit outside with a cuppa and put myself to good use, after what has seemed a very long and unproductive winter.

I’m really happy to have finally pulled my finger out and organised some prints of my Fire Fox to be sent to the Fox Project, for onward sale. I’m painting a series of ‘Nature in Technology’ which I’m hoping to finish this year. This fella is one of four right now; I guess I’m aiming for a few more- four on a wall is a bit lame. Like many of us, I have a day job and most evenings I can barely get to the sofa to nod off. Printing is probably the way forwards for artwork right now as not many of us are in a position to buy originals. That and collaboration with voluntary organisations. It’s such a pleasure to see an image you’ve created being appreciated and it’s food for the soul even if it’s not food on the table.

My time in Switzerland has been a complete adventure. I’d never seen mountains up close before, or extremely bad parking, or 20 red kites following a tractor. I have been writing about these times, but only for my family and friends, so that they could share the experience and feel that they were here. It’s time to change that, I think. Social media and the internet gives us such a great opportunity to share and grow and whilst it’s utterly daunting to put yourself out there, so many of us have something to say.

Thanks for reading.